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'Cause we are living in a material world And I am a material girl You know that we are living in a material world'

Why the 2020s will be about making new clothes in a more circular way? To start designers and you, we, consumers will need to radically shift our perception of value and commit to a circular fashion economy. That means reusing and recycling what already exists.

Let's start the New Year resolutions for 2020 with APPAREAL!

Michela dress

APPAREAL challenges norms in Fashion: it brings you feminine yet powerful pieces inspired by the Southern Italian desert landscape, inspired by sensuality, and elegance.

Ygrette dress

APPAREAL is a Swiss brand Brand Mooks agency represents in Switzerland for two main reasons: its touch of glam (love it!) and its innovative textiles: the brand only use recycled fabrics, techno jersey (from plastic bottles and fishing nets); textiles are all OEKO-TEX certified; we love the brand commitment and more prosaically we love the comfort the dresses have.

Machine washable, easy to dry, breathable textiles for long days of meetings or travel, they are perfect for us, working women. We always need to optimize our time while staying elegant and dressing up.

Camille dress

How does it work?

Did you know that if we do not change our ways of consuming, we will have more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050?

We often hear about recycled textiles and fishing nets: At APPAREAL, we work with chips made from plastic bottles collected from trash bins or from the ocean. Same with fishing nets. Those chips are transformed into recycled fiber, and then into fabrics.

Collection is made in Europe and third party tested.

One of the loveliest dress to conclude: Green being the new Black...

Olesya Velvet Dress

Did you know that APPAREAL collection is craft in solar panel-powered factories?

Thanks to La Baladeuse Geneva 'Le concept-store des Créateurs' and Angélique Freytag for shooting in such a lovely concept-store and Anna Zatica for the photographies.

Réjane Salaün, Chief-Editor


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